Steam Release and Anniversary Update

Anniversary Update Patch Notes 2.0

It’s been one year since our launch. To celebrate, we’re thrilled to announce our biggest update yet – the Anniversary Update – free for all players! Kena: Bridge of Spirits will also be coming to Steam, with all content from the Anniversary Update included. Both the Steam release and the Anniversary Update will be available on September 27th, 2022.

As a thank you for your amazing support, we’ve expanded the Kena experience with many new features, including: New Game+, Spirit Guide Trials, Kena Outfits, Charmstones, Accessibility features, and more. We hope you enjoy your continued experience in Kena’s world!

The Anniversary Update includes the following new features and updates:

  • New Game+
    • New Game+ will become available after completing an initial playthrough – replay the main story while keeping all collected Rot, abilities, and upgrades. 
    • Most New Game+ combat encounters have been updated with new enemies and modified compositions. 
    • Special Green Chests with collectibles will become available in New Game+.
    • Many bosses will include new attacks in New Game+.
  • Spirit Guide Trials & Outfits
    • Spirit Guide Trials offer unique challenges to test your skills and earn rewards. Interact with the carving behind the Mask Shrine to take on new Trials as they become available throughout your adventure.
    • Unique Kena Outfits with color variants can be unlocked by completing Spirit Guide Trials and Bonus Objectives.
  • Charmstones, Abilities, & Hats
    • Equipable Charmstones have been hidden throughout the world that will modify Kena’s abilities by granting unique combinations of advantages and disadvantages in combat.
    • Two new Bomb Ability upgrades have been added – Splatter Bomb and Split Bomb.
    • New Rot Hats have been hidden throughout the world.
  • Enhanced Photo Mode
    • Photo Mode has been enhanced with Lighting Setups, Camera Animation, and more.
    • Brand new Poses have been added to Photo Mode.
  • Settings
    • Apprentice Spirit Guide, a new difficulty setting, offers a balance between Story Mode and Spirit Guide settings.
    • Text localization for Polish language has been added.
    • DLSS and Dynamic Resolution support has been added. (PC Only)
  • Accessibility Features
    • UI scaling.
    • Automatic sprint.
    • Subtitle size and background opacity.
    • Toggle input functionally for multiple abilities.
  • Deluxe Edition:
    • Kena: Bridge of Spirits Original Soundtrack has been expanded and remastered.
    • The Shadow outfit has been included as a Deluxe Edition exclusive.

This patch also includes the following fixes:

  • Pre-rendered cutscenes are rendered at higher frame rate to fix frame pacing issues.
  • Difficulty balancing has been improved.

Known Issues

  • Using the PS5 Activities feature to resume play causes consistent performance issues. The application must be closed and loaded through the Home Screen to resolve the issue. (PS5 only)
  • It is possible to collect more than 100 Rot when replaying the game in New Game+.
  • In the Shrine Guardian Combat Reflection Trial, if the Guardian is defeated by destroying the Deadzone Heart, the bonus objective “Cleansing Strike” will not be awarded. The Bonus Objective is awarded when defeating the Guardian with any method.